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3 days ago
NIT-T research scholar to get ₹ 5 lakh DRDO award

This young and able student coming from a humble background making all of us proud.
if you are ... See more

He will receive prize money from Prime Minister Modi

3 days ago
Alexei Leonov, first person to walk in space, dies at 85

The first person to walk in Space no more.
An artist as well as a cosmonaut, Leonov took coloured ... See more

Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov made the first spacewalk, an excursion he barely survived. He also ... See more

4 days ago
Teachers must be allowed to innovate, be creative: Manjul Bhargava

Teachers must be creative and innovate.
good message from an eminent researcher.

"I feel all of mathematics is recreational. You have to see the fun of what you are doing to really ... See more

4 days ago
MHRD Announces Internship Scheme For Undergraduates

good initiative by MHRD. students should explore the possibility. .

Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has announced internship for undergraduate students.

5 days ago
Using humor to talk about climate change makes it easier to take action

add humour to make communication effective.
the discussion is about climate change and how humour ... See more

Humor makes the complex dimensions of climate change seem more accessible and manageable.

1 week ago
The American Institute of Physics Announces 2019 Science Communication Award Winners

These science communicators have been recognised for their contributions in science writing.

The winners of the 2019 AIP Science Communication Awards are announced for their topical works on ... See more

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