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9 hours ago
Three tips for giving a great research talk

Useful and interesting tips for communicating your research

In this Letter to Young Scientists, our columnists share advice for communicating your research clearly and compellingly

2 days ago
Ten simple rules towards healthier research labs

More humane and people-centred way of working within research labs is the need of the times. need for a better life-work balance when doing science.
In this interesting article, the researcher introduces 10 simple rules to make the working environment of research labs more nurturing, collaborative, and people-centred.
For me, they look like applicable to leading your life in the lab of society.

The negative effects of extremely competitive academic and research environments on the performance and health of researchers are well known and common worldwide. The prevalence of these effects, particularly among early career researchers, calls for a more humane and people-centered way of working....

2 days ago
Einstein, Eddington and the 1919 eclipse

Einstein theory and predictions, how they provoked intense resarch.

Peter Coles weighs up three books on the momentous expedition that proved the general theory of relativity.

3 days ago
How to Train Brain to Strengthen Communication

Interesting development. to help people communicate.
hope for people who have difficulty in communicating. With more and more people being diagnosed by ailments like Parkinson and Alzheimer's, such developments give hope,

The main discovery of a new study indicated that brain training with neurofeedback in less than one hour leads to the strengthening of neural connections and communication ... See more

People can now have access to their brain activity in real time and gain control over it The main discovery of a new study conducted at D'Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR) indicated that brain training with neurofeedback in less than one hour leads to the strengthening of neural connecti...

4 days ago
Marrying two types of solar cells draws more power from the sun

Interesting new development for enhancing the efficiency of harvesting the energy of the Sun

Simple tandem design uses perovskite layer to feed photons to silicon cell

4 days ago
Drought is not just about water. It affects air pollution, too

Drought is not just about water. it affects air pollution too: reasons researcehrs.
Researchers have long known that plants can both help create and cleanse one dangerous air pollutant: ground-level ozone, which causes breathing problems and exacerbates lung damage. Plants can scrub ozone from the air by absorbing the pollutant through their stomata, or pores. But certain plants also emit ... See more

Study reveals how stressed plants can complicate efforts to reduce ozone

5 days ago
A realist takes on quantum mechanics

A very intriguing picture, they say inspired by quantum mechanics. the more i look at it more fascinating it is.
you can see a person trying to focus beyond the physical surroundings to explore.
Nature report.

Graham Farmelo parses Lee Smolin’s takedown of the most successful physics theory ever.

1 week ago
Why you should care about the raging battle for free access to research findings

the debate about free access to research findings continue. there are lots of issues, much more than that are apparent. but the debate should continue. need to bring all the stakeholders on to the same platform. to bring change in the existing and long-standing practices is a challenge.

The University of California's fight with academic publisher Elsevier highlights the need for reinventing academic journals to make important research accessible to all.

1 week ago
Here’s what scientists think a black hole looks like

It is an exciting outcome for researchers looking far behind.
This is what Scientists think a black hole looks like.

Astronomers may have imaged a black hole for the first time, capping decades of calculations of how they ought to appear

1 week ago
Squid, spacedust and sonic boom — March’s best science images

best of science images from Nature.

The month’s sharpest science shots — selected by Nature’s photo team.

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