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2 hours ago
‘We want Uber Air to be in India as soon as possible’

New possibilities in transportation.

In the early days, the cost per passenger mile will be higher than what it will be eventually, says the design head of Uber Elevate.Uber Air, which seats four passengers and a pilot, is set to be launched in Los Angeles and Dallas in 2023

1 day ago
Scientists taught bees a simple number language – and they got it

Making Bees learn Math:
Most children learn that written numbers represent quantities in pre-school or junior primary school.
This study shows that honeybees too can learn to match symbols and numerosities, much like we humans do with Arabic and Roman numerals.
It is believed this research is laying the foundations for developing a communication system with very different animal species and shows ... See more

The findings lay the foundations for future research into communication with other species.

1 day ago
Gear up Science Popularization for prosperity - Technology Times

Science plays a crucial role in the modern society, and the popularization of science is closely related to the rise and development of the scientific and technological culture, that ultimately strengthen science literacy.
With the advancement of media (print, electronic, and digital) the science popularization has become more and more involved in the knowledge-based society. Therefore, the ... See more

Science plays a crucial role in the modern society, and the popularization of science is closely related to the development of the scientific culture.

1 day ago
Scientists pave the way for a new therapy -- India Science Wire

Interesting result. hope soon it would help to find the cure.

Researchers at the Bengaluru-based National Centre for Biological Sciences have come up with a finding that could pave the way for developing a new treatment for type 2 diabetes.
The scientists have found that an enzyme called PIP4K in the body plays a major role in determining the ability of cells to detect and respond to hormone ... See more

Science News:Researchers at the Bengaluru-based National Centre for Biological Sciences have come up with a finding--By Sunderarajan Padmanabhan

3 days ago
You Can Talk to Plants. Maybe You Should Listen.

it is communication. this time with plants. you can talk and also need to listen to them.

An installation at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden ponders the sounds made by plants.

4 days ago
World’s largest plant survey reveals alarming extinction rate

Alarming indeed!
The world’s seed-bearing plants have been disappearing at a rate of nearly 3 species a year since 1900 ― which is up to 500 times higher than would be expected as a result of natural forces alone, according to the largest survey yet of plant extinctions.

Since 1900, nearly 3 species of seed-bearing plants have disappeared per year ― 500 times faster than they would naturally.

4 days ago
Indian initiatives aim to break science’s language barrier

Communicating in the regional languages. the challenge and attempts.

Initiatives to write about science and produce science-related content in languages other than English have been under way for several decades, as many urban schools and most higher-education institutions moved to an English-based curriculum. Those multi-language efforts started to expand with the advent of the Internet, which ... See more

Drive for accessibility sees research relayed in regional tongues instead of English.

5 days ago
How to bring preprints to the charged field of medicine

Report your research here. it is a preprint service in the field of Medicine.
The founders of the popular biology preprint server bioRxiv have launched a repository on which medical scientists can share their results before peer review.
BioRxiv’s success prompted some clinical scientists to push for such a site because the biology repository accepts preprints in only certain fields of medical ... See more

MedRxiv launches with beefed up screening processes to allay concerns about risks of publishing unvetted clinical research.

5 days ago
Teaching the teachers how to teach kids about climate science

Teaching the teachers how to teach kids about climate science: Interesting article.
we may have to do this in all domains.

Washington state is using an innovative program to help teachers understand the science behind climate change, and take it back to their classrooms.

6 days ago
Communication is secret weapon for this agent of change | News

An interesting effort by the educator. empowering the students in communicating. preparing them for the real world challenges.
worth adopting in our institutions.

Principal Stacey Quince is revolutionising learning in a bid to ensure her students leave school ready for the real world.

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