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In Research and Development, communication darns a new dimension, as it must meet the challenge of reflecting the outcome of the research in the right context and to diverse audience, including Non-Specialists and the General Public. This initiative is to foster and nurture all forms of Effective Science Communication.

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1 week ago
New quantum loop provides testbed for quantum communication technology

Quantum Communication: making progress.
this test facility is way forward.

New quantum loop provides testbed for quantum communication technology

1 week ago
New policy on scientific social responsibility soon

it is important to carry out R&D of the highest quality. equally important is to adopt methods to ... See more

The government of India is on the verge of bringing out a new national policy which would strongly ... See more

2 weeks ago
"Women Can't Do Science": 8 Trailblazing Scientists Busting The Myth

celebrating the success of these scientists. while the debate of women in STEM continues.

From pushing boundaries to smashing glass ceilings, these women are redefining the scientific ... See more

3 weeks ago
How This Breakthrough Makes Silicon-Based Qubit Chips The Future of Quantum Computing

Quantum Communication:
new research and newer developments.
The silicon quantum spin qubits give ... See more

Quantum computing has come a long way since its first introduction in the 1980s. Researchers have ... See more

3 weeks ago
Researchers Demonstrate Chip-to-Chip Quantum Teleportation | Physics | Sci-News.com

Communication. and this is about Quantum communication.
we are edging towards realising it.
has a ... See more

A research team led by University of Bristol scientists has successfully demonstrated quantum ... See more

3 weeks ago
‘Stops Hackers in Their Tracks’: World's First 'Uncrackable' Code Developed by Scientists

Quantum computing and the possibilities
While current cryptographic techniques are believed to be ... See more

While current cryptographic techniques are believed to be still at least one step ahead of those ... See more

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3 weeks ago


Great beginning to the day.
the FB page has crossed the mark of 500.
thank you all for the same.
through this post, Invite all my friends to visit the page, like it and follow it.
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