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In R&D, communication darns a new dimension, as it must meet the challenge of reflecting the outcome of the research in the right context and to diverse audience. This website is dedicated to communicating science by disseminating information across various domains. Read More…

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14 hours ago
How to communicate your research effectively

#SciCom #ReseachComm
How do we communicate our research?
Watch Dr Steve Cross, Founder of Bright ... See more

Watch Dr Steve Cross, Founder of Bright Club reveal effective ways to disseminate your research in ... See more

14 hours ago
The science of how you sound when you talk through a face mask

#COVID19 #Mask #Communicating.
Wearing Mask is the most important thing to keep COVID19 away. ... See more

Worried you won't be understood while wearing a mask? Don't be. We studied how people sound while ... See more

3 days ago
Q&A: Why Is Science Writing Important to Society? A Scientist Explains

#Scicomm #Communicaton
The greatest similarity between doing research and Science Communication is ... See more

A reporting fellowship at a North Carolina newspaper is one way a scientist is learning to convey ... See more

3 weeks ago
Making sense of hydroxychloroqine: a case study

#COVID #SciComm
Science Communicator trying to make sense of much talked about HQQ.

Misconceptions about the scientific process often lead to significant misunderstandings. This ... See more

4 weeks ago
How to spot fake health information and root out charlatans, according to health experts

The goal of the entities responsible for misinformation is to generate mass ... See more

Misinformation is everywhere, particularly when it comes to false health content. Here's a guide to ... See more

4 weeks ago
Coronavirus conversations: Science communication during a pandemic

#SciCom #Healthpandemic
How is science communication evolving during the pandemic?
“We are ... See more

How researchers can tackle an “infodemic” of hearsay, speculation and fake news.

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3 weeks ago


a good initiative. we need to move beyond looking for placements.
IIT Madras offers fellowships.
all those aspiring AI enthusiasts should try out.
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1 month ago


#AIandautomation #Covid
It is apparent that the world will have to learn to adapt swiftly and significantly to a “new normal” of work to deal with the current (and potential future) phases of Covid-19. Automation and AI can play a very important role in defining this “new normal” of work in the Covid-19 (and post-COVID-19) world. More specifically, automation and AI can help companies infuse three key attributes of agility/flexibility, responsiveness, and frugality, enabling companies to better adapt to the fast-changing situations in the times of Covid-19.
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