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In Research and Development, communication darns a new dimension, as it must meet the challenge of reflecting the outcome of the research in the right context and to diverse audience, including Non-Specialists and the General Public. This initiative is to foster and nurture all forms of Effective Science Communication.

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4 days ago

Something to ponder about being Conscious and what drives it.
interesting account on the topic and ... See more

5 days ago
How a number of initiatives are breaking the language barrier in teaching science

there are challenges in Communicating Science to reach out to non-spcialists. there is an ... See more

These initiatives include Bigyan, an online platform with articles by scientists in Bengali; The ... See more

1 week ago
Case study: How Mah Sing Group bridges communication gaps between generations

How communicating with elders help in enhancing performance.
this article discusses it.
we had this ... See more

Before catering to the needs of a multi-generational workforce, first make sure you've have hired ... See more

1 week ago
Sai Baba

The next in series “Let’s Talk ResComm“, a new video on "Animal Behaviour and Cognition" by ... See more

1 week ago
A little humour may help with climate change gloom

A little humour always help.
this time it is in the context of climate change gloom.

Studies show that humour is useful for engaging the public about climate change

2 weeks ago
Artificial leaf successfully produces clean gas!

Artificial Leaf. some solution to mitigate ill effects of fossil fuel?

Researchers have developed an 'artificial leaf' that uses only sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water ... See more

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