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In R&D, communication darns a new dimension, as it must meet the challenge of reflecting the outcome of the research in the right context and to diverse audience. This website is dedicated to communicating science by disseminating information across various domains. Read More…

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1 year ago
Int’l recognition for Kannada science communication | Mysuru News - Times of India

Happy to see the science communication effort in Kannada getting recognised.
makes it happier as i ... See more

Mysuru: It is a proud movement for the state and international recognition for Kannada science ... See more

1 year ago
576 - Science Communication in Creative Places

When you think of science communication, you might think of TED talks or museum talks or video ... See more

When you think of science communication, you might think of TED talks or museum talks or video ... See more

1 year ago
Lessons I Have Learned as a Mentor - ECR Community

Communicating your research is always good. it helps the communicator in many ways.
Lessons learnt ... See more

I spent my adolescent years immersed in a suburban hometown teeming with engineers. They were all ... See more

1 year ago
SciComm Scholars

Presenting Our New Section "SciComm Scholars"...

Scholar of the Day: Harshada from ... See more

“Science Communication” is one of the important domains of study to be pursued. Health ... See more

1 year ago
Time to revise the Sustainable Development Goals

COVID has thrown another challenge.
Time to achieve SDGs is being stretched.
time to have a relook ... See more

The pandemic has set back efforts to achieve the original 2015 targets. The need for change to make ... See more

1 year ago
Four ways to build your network without attending a conference

#SciComm #networking

tips to build network.
useful in the times when meeting people in person is ... See more

AuthorAID, LinkedIn and WeChat can help to plug the connections gap when events get cancelled, says ... See more

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11 months ago

#aiandhealthcareAn AI-based software tool called AnamNet has been developed by researchers in the departments of CDS & IAP with collaborators in Norway. It can 'read' chest CT scans of COVID-19 patients to reveal the severity of lung infection. www.iisc.ac.in/events/ai-based-software-tool-for-automated-diagnosis-of-covid-19-lung-infection/ ... See MoreSee Less
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11 months ago

#AIandHealthcare AI and its implementations such as Machine Learning (ML) are promising major breakthroughs in diabetes treatment. For patients with diabetes, AI has introduced new dimensions of self-management, implemented fast and efficient decision-making and efficient follow-up for health care providers, and improved usage of resources in health care systems.How Can #ArtificialIntelligence Change the #Diabetes Care?bit.ly/37A5n2F ... See MoreSee Less
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