Bridging the Divide between Science and Journalism

Laura Van Eperen, Francesco M Marincola and Jennifer Strohm

Gives an understanding of necessity for journalists and scientists to work together. Also gives an insight into nuances faced by both the parties and tips for better communication.

In Science We Trust? On the Relation Between Scientific Knowledge, Risk Consciousness and Public Trust

Rolf Lidskog

Critically discusses the role of scientific knowledge and trust building and investigates the factors of importance for risk consciousness and trust.

Practical Science Communication Strategies for Graduate Students

Lauren M. Kuehne Laura A. Twardochleb Keith J. Fritschie Meryl C. Mims David J. Lawrence Polly P. Gibson Ben Stewart‐Koster Julian D. Olden

Gives a thorough overview of benefits of science communication and targets on guiding graduate level students to engage in the field of science communication parallel to their research.

Perception of technological risk: insights from research and lessons for risk communication and management

Ortwin Renn & Christina Benighaus

Gives an understanding of technology related risk perception and insights into the psychological, sociological and cultural aspects that are to be understood for risk communication and management.

Science communication: a career where PhDs can make a difference

Robert Irion

Emphasizes on how having a PhD can be of help in science communication and advices on how to start your initial steps in communicating science.

The challenges of science journalism: The perspectives of scientists, science communication advisors and journalists from New Zealand

Douglas James Ashwell

A Study based on science journalism in New Zealand. It gives an insight into how individuals from different professions view science journalism.

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