Scientists Simplifying Science

Founded and Run by a team of Indian Scientists who believe “Sculptors of science are the people who can convey the true sense of their creation and the nuances of their work which never get conveyed to the general audience”, Club SciWri focuses on science communication which hopes to strengthen the bridge between Science and Society. The Club SciWri team posts articles written by members of the scientific enterprise which includes academics, entrepreneurs, intellectual property experts, policymakers and a myriad of emerging avenues that help science make the world a better place.

Link: ClubSciWri

Research Matters
Research News & Highlights in India.

Research Matters is science communication and Research Media Services endeavor facilitated by Gubbi Labs in order to fulfill the obligation of research community to tell the public how their money is being spent on science. A virtual team spread all over India (and quite a few overseas) has been writing News stories & highlights in science, engineering, technology & humanities in India, ranging from press releases to long-form pieces for media outlets after going through a dual vetting process by the concerned researcher and by the institution, to ensure factual correctness. Their Weekly Digest, brought out every Thursday, also curates Research based stories published in other media.

Link: Research Matters

India Science Wire
Latest S&T News from India

A unique initiative launched by Vigyan Prasar for the coverage of science and technology related developments, particularly relating to research done in Indian research institutions. News stories based on happenings in Indian research laboratories and academic institutions are released to media houses on a daily basis while simultaneously being uploaded on the India Science Wire website and promoted through social media – Twitter and Facebook. Almost all news stories released by this service are based on research papers by Indian scientists published in leading Indian and foreign journals, written and edited by a team of experienced professional science journalists.

Link: India Science Wire

PLOS SciComm
Diverse Perspectives On Science And Medicine

Science Communication is in a state of punctuated equilibrium where evolution proceeds quickly after long periods of relative stability in response to rapidly changing environmental conditions. SciComm is undergoing a rapid burst of evolution, changing a whole lot in a very short amount of time in response to a changing environment, where the internet and social media offer extraordinary new tools to bring the meaning and importance of scientific discoveries to the masses. #SciCommPLOS blog is an outlet for highlighting interesting and impactful science in accessible ways, and to teach scientists about the art of storytelling as an effective means to tackle misinformation, alternative facts, and conspiracy theories.

Link: PLOS SciComm

Science Communication Unit Blog
Share and Explore Different Views & Interests in Science Communication

Produced by the Science Communication Unit at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) and internationally renowned for their diverse and innovative activities designed to engage the public with science, the SCU blog is a forum to engage and debate with all those who participate in the academic and practitioner community. Apart from maintaining an online space where others’ views are treated with respect and everyone’s professionally formed opinions are acknowledged politely even where there is disagreement, they are also committed to training would-be science communicators via dedicated courses, workshops and a Masters programme.

Link: Science Communication Unit Blog – UWE,Bristol

Professionalize Science Communication And Engagement Efforts

Targeted at empowering ecologists to better communicate the stories of their science (including stories about the people doing the science) in creative, compelling and innovative ways, The C&E Section of Ecological Society of America works toward: 1) professionalizing science communication efforts within and beyond ESA and 2) providing mentorship to ecologists interested in trying out, or transitioning to careers in, science communication. The C&E Section was founded to recognize, support, and celebrate the vibrant Communication & Engagement community that exists with the ESA and presents powerful opportunities within science careers and beyond with diverse entry points and skillsets.

Link: Communication & Engaement Section, Ecological Society of America

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