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“Science Communication” is one of the important domains of study to be pursued. Health pandemics like COVID, reiterates the importance of communication and reaching out to the people and society. There are many pursuing “Science Communication”, playing different roles: Teaching, Communicating, Learning and Studying. We can call them “Scicomm-Scholars” playing important role.

With the aim of connecting all these warriors, we would be hosting them on this page.

Reema Jaiswal, is a Science Communicator, Creative thinker experienced in Museums and Science Centres. She designs science exhibits, write articles, draw cartoons to communicate science. She loves to conduct science outreach programs for school students and passionately curious about science, art, storytelling and puppetry. Promoting hands-on approach for science popularization.

Currently she is engaged in presenting Science Content Design, Exhibit design, Research, Ideation, Training, Program Support, Evaluation and Planning. She held the position of a Curator at GD Naidu Museum, Coimbatore. Also worked as a Science Communicator at Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Centre.  She holds a MTech in Science Communication from BTIS, Pilani and Masters in Physics. Also has completed Science Journalism Course from Indian Science Communication Society. Her skills in drawing cartoons is reflected in “ToonLogs” and she is an active contributor to the series.

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Harshada is a budding Science Communicator with biological sciences background. She is pursuing her Master’s in Science and Technology communication at CSIR-NISCAIR. Science and Technology Communication course aims at honing the skills of the students to bridge the gap between Science and Society. The study of the course prepares the students to address many myths and practices in the society and inculcate scientific temperament among the people. With the tremendous progress being made in the domain of S&T, reaching out to society becomes important. Harshada along with her friend Jyoti is administering an Instagram page, @episteme2020, which aims at providing information relating to Phenomenon, Methods and Facts of Science.  

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