About This Site

Communication is the process of conveying intended meanings from one to another through a mutually understood medium. In Research and Development, communication darns a new dimension, as it must meet the challenge of reflecting the outcome of the research in the right context and to diverse audience.

NIAS being a multi-disciplinary research institute, is uniquely placed to fill the gap of communicating interdisciplinary research connected to the society. We endeavor to foster and nurture communication skills not only to increase the effectiveness of communication but also to enhance creativity and productivity in the domain of writing and speaking skills. It is an effort to encourage and equip the researchers to get best of recognitions.

This website is a step in that direction, created for researchers, by researchers. We actively search around the globe & across the web for any kind of content that can help improve communication of science & technology, and aggregate them here for ease of access. This website is also for disseminating interesting pieces of information from various domains by sharing them.

We seek inputs, suggestions to improve the site and make it a destination for researchers interested in the domain of Science Communication.

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