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Amity Radio: Interview with Prof M. Sai Baba

During my visit to Amity (some months back), I had the opportunity to visit the Media Studies Department, Amity School of Communication. Thanks to Dr Anshu Arora for facilitating the same.

Visited the studios of Amity Radio being run by the students and faculty and interacted with the students. The discussions lead to an impromptu suggestion to have my interview.

The interview centered around, the role of science communicators in bringing social awareness.
In particular about the campaign against single-use of plastic.

My response was “that maybe we are starting it too late”.

Whenever newer technologies are introduced, users would look for how useful it is for them, the manufacturer about how much profit can be made. This is where the role of science communicators would come and it is important to look beyond the user or the manufacturer. Banning the single-use plastic would also create opportunities, for example, the use of banana leaves for packing the food which would boost the village economy.

I emphasized that there is a need for good communicators that too science communicators who should serve as a bridge between Science and society.

Link to the Interview

Listen to the Interview Here…

M. Sai Baba

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