Hasan Jawaid Khan

Science Communicator with a wealth of experience

Coming from Biological Sciences background and Journalism, Hasan Jawaid Khan made significant contributions to the domain of Science Communication for more than 30 years. Have dabbled in writing, reporting and editing: features, reports, reviews, editorials, books, radio & film scripts. Been delivering lectures and radio talks and coordinating science writing workshops. Currently, Chief Scientist & Head, International & Popular Science Division at CSIR-NISCAIR.

Science Reporter owes a lot to him for where it stands today. Kudos to his dedicated, committed and almost single-handed efforts for long years.

He has authored/co-authored 12 books, edited 15 books on scientific topics, Published more than 1000 articles & editorials in newspapers and magazines. Delivered more than 200 lectures on science communication & science popularization, 200 radio talks on science-based themes.

He is actively contributing to two websites, Science Reporter and CSIR News. His contributions in bringing the developments relating to COVID-19 to the forefront are appreciable.

It is a joy to add Hasan Jawaid Khan, to the list of “Science Communicators”

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